Providing free guided walks


Suicide represents the largest cause of death for men under 50. Through 2017, 5,821 suicides were recorded in Great Britain, of these, 75% were males. In the year of 2017 Joe lost his life to suicide he was a great friend of ours and was loved by others, Joe was an amazing human. He inspired and helped so many but like many others he suffered in silence... 

This is a non-profit organisation.


The aim of the group is to reconnect people with the outdoors and promote the benefits it plays on our lives and mental health. We will do this by creating safe and enjoyable events specifically designed by Joe's Giants. We like to create a relaxed and friendly environment. We are an ordinary group of individuals looking to connect people with the outdoors. We welcome all who would like to challenge their brain in a way that can't be achieved from everyday routines. We are not asking you to talk, this society is about leaving those problems behind, tackling an achievement that stands in your way, overcoming obstacles and challenging the mind and body to what is possible when you persevere, carry on and do not give up. 

We want to help people in a way that we believe through our own experience is a coping method that helps to soothe the mind, keep you motivated through life and help with those everyday battles that we all struggle with behind closed doors. With the current world status in pandemic, life has become tougher for many but for some this isolation has only escalated an increase in poorer mental health. Many have lost loved ones and lost touch with the world that we knew before we became such a turning point in history. 

We want you to climb your mind.