Suicide represents the largest cause of death for men under 50. Through 2017, 5,821 suicides were recorded in Great Britain, of these, 75% were males. In the year of 2017 I lost my best friend due to suicide. Joe was an amazing human. He inspired and helped so many but like many others he suffered in silence.
When he left us the way that he did, it left a hole that could never be filled. Life became a challenge, you never really get to fill the hole, you learn that life is not about getting over such problems but learning how to accept them. I was inspired in many ways by Joe, he taught myself and many others so much, to say he helped me through life would be an understatement and I feel blessed to of had the chance to share so much life with him. His opportunities were endless, he had talent in all aspects of life and we shared so many hobbies. After Joe left us I had a different outlook on life.

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