Fundraisers and donations 

Any fundraisers and donations are welcome. Joe's Giants provides free services, fundraisers and donations are the heart of our charity. They allow Joe's Giants to grow and help promote the benefits the outdoors plays on our mental health. 

We are also willing to accept any old outdoor clothing and equipment that we can provide to clients that need them most.

Past Fundraisers

Sarah - The Anxiety Mountain (100km to Everest)

2nd April 2021

Sarahs words:


I’m on a mission to raise awareness of anxiety. Until I was diagnosed I essentially thought that it was normal to live with an array of symptoms that were preventing me from fully engaging in life. Going out felt like a drama, looking after Neave was frankly scary ( someone, at any minute, was going to steal her), I had continual butterflies, doing something new took days of reconciling in my mind

Once I knew what needed addressing I could make a plan of action to deal with it. Anti depressants which still help me today, meditation, a non negotiable sleep routine, fitness and eating well all help me , alongside acceptance that I’m always going have moments where I feel frankly completely overwhelmed.

What do I want to do for me ?! I want to gather 100 stories of anxiety from my community. Do you have anxiety, what does it feel like, how do you deal with it ? That’s one story for every 1km I am going to conquer on Friday. You can either send me a message or post below ... I’d love you to post below so we can be open to the world about anxiety !

On Friday I’m climbing ‘virtually’ Mount Everest. From Lukla to Base Camp and from Base Camp to the Summit is just under 100km . I’ll be doing this by running, busting out some miles on my Peloton and ripping up some tarmac on my road bike.

Anna Equizi - Marathon 

April 25th 2021

Anna's words:


Joes giants are a charity set up by Alex Fitzgerald, following the tragic loss of a close friend to many in and around the Southport north west area of the UK.

Importance of the cause:

Suicide represents the largest cause of death for men under 50 years, with the suicide rate for men in England and Wales in 2019 being the highest recorded in two decades. The rate for females under age 25 has increased by 93% since 2012, to its highest level in 2019.

1 in 4 will experience a mental health problem of some kind each year in England,

1 in 5 people have suicidal thoughts

1 in 14 people self harm

1 in 15 people attempt suicide

Women are more likely to have suicidal thoughts and make suicide attempts than men. But men are 3 times more likely to take their own life than women.

Mental health services are short staffed and under funded, people are not given training around supporting loved ones suffering with their mental health, mental health is often still seen as a stigma and a difficult conversation to raise.

The aim of Joe’s giants is to tackle the stigma that surrounds male mental health (although females are included too), the aim is to encourage those who are struggling to contact the charity to join mountain walks, climb your mind through climbing mountains and striving to pull through difficulties that you may not have thought possible. It is a chance to get away from hectic life, promote exercise as an extremely important mechanism to encourage positive endorphins in the brain and increase motivation,

Funding trips to different beautiful locations, funding equipment for climbs and mountain leadership qualifications, and to further down the line with enough funding to start music workshops, yoga sessions, group therapy sessions, and to one day have a base within the Lake District as a hideaway for those who are struggling with activities to get involved in without drink or drug use, which also impact on a persons mental health.

I have seen the difference that Joe’s giants have already made to peoples lives,  the support networks that can be developed and the healthy habits that can assist people in their daily struggles.

I am running the Blackpool marathon on April 25th 2021, and the impact that training, exercise, routine and sense of accomplishment have had a huge impact on my personal mental health.

Any donations are greatly appreciated, no matter how small.

I would like to thank Fitz and the team with Joe’s giants for the amazing work that they are doing, dedicated to Joe Johnson, a truly amazing being who gave so much joy to all who knew him.